The Jolly Rubino - Questions that need answers.

30 September 2002 - Three weeks ago an Italian cargo ship bearing various toxic chemicals and bunker fuel caught fire and ran aground near a UNESCO World Heritage site threatening to cause long term damage to this sensitive wetland area, beaches and ocean. Such an incident cannot be brushed over and forgotten. It raises very important concerns as well as questions which need answers:

Last month, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, groundWork and international NGO’s such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth International and local community organisations such as the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) succeeded in pressurising members of the United Nations to include Corporate Accountability in the final text (see document here).

Corporate Accountability refers to the need for multi-national corporations to be held accountable for all the harmful impacts of their operations on our health and the environment. The South African government was instrumental in getting Corporate Accountability into the final text. Now they should take action to make this UN statement a reality, and take the lead in holding the relevant corporations accountable for this crime. Not only has the environment been polluted, but the disaster management personnel and the local community and people as far away as Port Elizabeth have also been put at risk.

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