02 May 2014 - groundWork will be hosting a two day workshop and launching a health care waste manual entitled, "Managing hospital waste: A guide for Southern African health care institutions" from 5-7 May 2004, at Edendale hospital in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. Over 100 participants from hospitals all over the KZN province will be in attendance.

On Wednesday 5 May 2004, various presentations regarding health care waste and incineration will be conducted as well as a tour of Edendale hospital as a model institution in terms of waste disposal. On Thursday 6 May 2004 participants will have the opportunity to visit an incinerator in Ixopo and discuss the health impacts of incinerating waste and the use of alternative technologies.

On Friday 7 May 2004 groundWork will launch the Health Care Waste Manual. The manual is a culmination of almost three years of a greening hospitals campaign with Edendale hospital in Pietermariztburg and Ngwelezane hospital in Empangeni. The aim of the campaign was to help rural institutions reduce the amount of medical waste produced thereby saving costs and increasing occupational health and safety.

At Edendale hospital, red bags containing infectious medical waste has dropped from average of 250 - 300 to around 70 bags per day, costs has been reduced from an average of R90 000,00 to around R40 000,00 per month. At Ngwelezane, costs have reduced from an average of R70 000,00 to around R30 000,00 per month. Health care waste and incineration problems in South Africa have reached uncontrollable proportions. The two case studies in the manual highlight that waste segregation can reduce costs and improve occupational health and safety. The KZN department of health must be lauded for its move to phase out health waste incinerators in the province.

For more information please contact Llewellyn Leonard 082-353-5029
or Ferrial Adam 084-484-3387.