Statement by groundWork and the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance on the release of the south Durban “Pipeline Integrity Report”.

11 October 2004

1. We require a copy of the report, not only the summary, as well as access to all raw data that informed the report.

2. We will be forwarding the report to our own technical advisor for commentary this we hope to complete before the end of November.

3. We cannot comment on the report because the conditions that were stipulated prohibited us from participating in the report, i.e. terms of confidentiality.

It is alarming to note that since a major leak in July 2001 more than 20 further incidents have continued that have resulted in leaks and spills from the infrastructure of the refineries.

Simple actions such a placing above ground markers have not been placed on the route of the pipeline.

For more info:

Bobby Peek: 082 464 1383 / 033 342 5662

Desmond D’Sa: 083 982 6939 / 031 461 1991