Another energy future is necessary: yours has failed

26 September 2005 - The energy future presented to the globe by the 18 World Petroleum Congress in Sandton has failed us. Another energy future in necessary: yours has failed – is the call by global civil society in support the gathering and “The groundWork 2005 Report: Whose Energy Future?[1].

On Saturday, September 24, 2005 [2], representatives from community people living next to oil production facilities in South Africa and various civil society organisations met in Sandton to reflect on our common experience of the oil industry, and it was no surprise to note that we all shared the same experience. This gathering was hosted by groundWork, Friends of the Earth, South Africa who works with community people and organisations in South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique and Angola who are challenging the oil industry in various locations.

Together with this gathering more than 220 individuals and organisations from more than 45 countries globally have signed in solidarity with the participants of this Anti-Oil Gathering. [3]

Noble Wadzah, of Friends of the Earth, Ghana, told the gathering that, “Ghanaians are aware of the environmental injustices visited on the people of the Nigeria and think it is unethical to proceed with the project just to secure Ghanaian energy supplies at the expense of our brother and sisters in the Niger Delta”.

“Blaming corrupt states and bad governance for the failure of revenue reaching the people on the ground is disingenuous. For the oil industry is providing the context for bad governance and corruption, as they had done by propping up the apartheid state,” indicated Nnimmo Bassey, Director of Environmental Rights Action [4], based in Nigeria.

groundWork is forwarding this global position to the 18th World Petroleum Congress to Eivald Roren; President: World Petroleum Council and Imogen Mkhize CEO – 18th World Petroleum Congress.

Foe more information:

Bobby Peek – groundWork 082 4641383
Nnimmo Bassey – Environmental Rights Action 072 401 5400


[1] Download the report here
[2] See Press Release here