06 December 2009 - The Climate Justice Now! KZN [1] week of Climate Change Action to highlight the need for immediate and honest greenhouse gas reduction emission plans from Copenhagen will start on Monday, 7th December 2009.

CJN! KZN Demands:

CJN! KZN is campaigning to highlight the need for a just and equitable solution to be  delivered at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change which is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark from the 7th to 16th December 2009.

CJN! KZN has always believed that for this to happen community groups need to take responsibility and actively inform the broader public of government policies and processes that inhibit rather than facilitate a development path which will lead us away from climate destruction.

CJN! KZN will play a key role in promoting an understanding of the inter-related nature of social, political, environmental and economic factors limiting or enabling the achievement of an equitable and just society as we use the world’s limited resources

CJN! KZN calls on our political, official and civil society representatives in Copenhagen to put forward a firm and unwavering demand for strong and binding proposals that will lead to immediate pollution reduction in the world and in South Africa. Our government has seen and heard the testimonies of ordinary South Africans who have been affected by the present climate conditions and poverty not only in parliament but in everyday situations of poverty visible throughout South Africa because of our corporate led neo-liberal policies.

CJN! KZN is hosting a sequence of events to kick start the reality that ’another world is possible and indeed demanded’ and to call on politicians in Copenhagen to Act Now!

We are hosting a number of activities as follows:

Film Showing

Monday, 7th of December @ 10:30 hrs at John Dunn House in Wentworth. ‘The Story of Stuff’ and ‘The Story of Carbon Trading’.  Both these films will give us a better understanding as to why over consumption leads to climate change and why carbon trading is a scam!

Public Meeting

Tuesday 8th December 2009 @ the Austerville Civic Centre. To feedback on increase of electricity tariffs and to highlight who pays the price for Eskom addiction on dirty energy!

Wednesday 9th December 2009 at 09.00am

Picketing at ENGEN Refinery, Shell and BP (SAPREF), MONDI and IOP in Jacobs highlighting the need to reduce their emissions immediately.

Saturday 12th December 2009 - AT 08.00AM 


Saturday 12th December 2009 at 6.00pm 


Ordinary people affected with climate change and poverty will be raising their voices to inform other role players including, residents, religious, local and provincial authorities, and industry and commerce of their concerns about climate change and poverty in their locality. This global day of action will add to the voices in Copenhagen challenging global leadership to ensure an environmentally sustainable, just and equitable society.

Monday, 14th of December

Press briefing and release of report on the shenanigans of the World Bank and Eskom entitled:‘The World Bank and Eskom: Banking on Climate Destruction’

Further details to follow.


[1] Climate Justice Now! KZN is part of the growing movement of CJN! SA and CJN! International.  In KZN the following organisations are part of CJN!: Earthlife Africa Durban; Greater Edendale Environmental Network (Green); groundWork, Friends of the Earth South Africa; South Durban Community Environmental Alliance; TimberWatch.