Call on South Africa's largest polluter to get out of the climate change negotiatio‚Äčns

08 December 2011

Dear Friend,

South African energy company Sasol is the world's leader in coal-to-liquid (CTL) technology - the most carbon-intensive way of making petrol and diesel. Sasol's Secunda plant produces more carbon dioxide emissions than any other single source in the world.Sasol

A protestor making ironic use of Sasol's slogan.

According to Sasol's own figures, for the year ended June 2011 the company's direct carbon dioxide emissions for its operations in South Africa amounted to 11 per cent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

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Despite all of this Sasol has close ties with the South African government and is part of South Africa's negotiating team at the UN climate talks.

Sasol bears no mandate from the people to represent their interests in the climate negotiations. It is simply seeking to exert influence so that it can continue to profit from pollution and climate change whilst protecting its dirty energy operations.

Please join Friends of the Earth International and Friends of the Earth South Africa in calling on Sasol to get out of the climate negotiations and stop promoting false solutions to the climate crisis.

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