Women in Europe for a Common Future


08 March 2015 – As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF), is proud to announce the launch of its new publication Women and Chemicals: The impact of hazardous chemicals and women. Women and Chemicals a deeper look at the nexus between gender roles and women’s exposure to hazardous chemicals worldwide.

Women are exposed to a range of hazardous chemicals at home and at work. The publication, developed with support expertise from the United Nations, civil society and scientific institutes, looks at impacts on women’s health from amongst others highly hazardous pesticides, mercury and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

It looks at specific cases in all parts of the world such as women as pesticide sprayers, waste pickers, house cleaners, employed in the plastics industry etc., and as consumers of products which contain toxins. It analyses the issues from an intersectional perspective, and recognises that different regions have to deal with different problems.

Common to all regions is that exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to serious health effects, such as (breast) cancer, diabetes or infertility and that women are not protected properly. The publication again shows that political action has to be taken urgently to phase out highly hazardous substances and to protect especially (pregnant) women, babies and children, which are the most vulnerable groups.

For more information about the publication, visit the WECF site by clicking here.

Women and Chemicals can be downloaded here.

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