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We have been advised that EIMS Consultants have begun two more Scoping Processes, this time on behalf of Motuoane Energy. The contact person is Nobuhle Hughes at 

The first thing to do is to get friends, colleagues and staff to register as Interested and Affected Parties with EIMS.  Many of our neighbours have already - see There's a Sungu on my Stoep.
You may also want to check the PASA website to see what permits have been issued and what is still coming up. The threat to lives and livelihoods is frightening, but you are joining other communities in the target zones of this inappropriate development.  FrackFreeSA is an organisation of volunteers formed to stop the exploration and subsequent extraction of oil & gas, originally in KZN, but now also for the rest of the country, as the applications spread to more areas.  We believe that there are alternatives to fossil fuels that do not harm the health of people or the environment in the process.

Once registered, EIMS must send you updates on the process and any documentation that is being made available – look for the BID (Background Information Document), the draft and final reports for the Scoping and EIA phases.  They will ask for input at each phase, so make sure you submit your concerns at each one and that subsequently, that EIMS has addressed each issue in the final reports. 

Stumped for ideas?  See what others have said for previous applications and use what is appropriate to you.

If you would like support for any of the meetings, please just let us know in advance and we will round up volunteers to assist. Watch the videos of the Rhino Oil & Gas meetings in KZN and Eastern Cape. Read the whole story:  

Read about the WWF/Frack Free SA seminar that provided information of a more technical nature, which may help with your response.  It is important to focus on alternatives to fossil fuels, as there is no point in saying “no” without providing more renewable energy options which are already generating power and providing sustainable livelihoods in SA.

We have found one of the best ways to raise awareness of the threats from unconventional gas is by showing movies which help to show what extraction actually looks like, the nature of the impacts, as well as how these “boom and bust” economies affect communities.  It may be helpful to invite the local and district municipal officials to help them understand what this type of development entails.  Please contact to borrow films to screen. 

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