The Cooperative and Policy Alternative Centre and South African Food Sovereignty Campaign call for emergency sitting of Parliament to consider UN climate change report

12 November 2018 - The Cooperative and Policy Alternative Centre, through and with alliance partners in the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign issued a media release on 23 October 2018, in the form of an open letter, calling on President Ramaphosa to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament to consider the recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

The report draws attention to the rapidly changing science on global climate change. It also underlines the imperative of bringing down carbon emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change through a 1.5°C overshoot. The report is clear that we are running out of time and decisive leadership is needed over the next 12 years to prevent such a dangerous shift in the Earth's climate.

Further to this call, and in the absence of a formal response from the state, it is reiterated in a document dated 31 October 2018:

"that our demand to the President, the Speaker and Secretary of Parliament as this is a matter of life and death. The prospect of the extinction of the human race and other life forms cannot be treated as 'business as usual'. The present Climate Bill is not going to be a solution for South Africa, especially if the government plays host to coal fired power stations for countries, like China.

Globally, governments are taking action on climate change. The Spanish Government has just taken decisive action to stop coal mining and has agreed to invest in mining communities as part of the transition. The German government has also set up a commission with unions and mining affected communities to reach consensus on ending the use of coal and devising transition strategies for coal mining communities. The New Zealand government has banned off-shore drilling for oil and gas. South Africa needs to learn from this and do the same. Parliament needs to have the debate informed by these experiences to drastically cut our emissions and stop the extraction of fossil fuels".

You can download the documents referenced above here: