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HEALTH CARE CLIMATE CHALLENGE - Global Green and Healthy Hospital 2020 Climate Champions Award

01 December 2020 – Over 300 participants, representing the interest of more than 22,000 hospitals and health centers in 34 countries will be celebrating the Health Care Climate Challenge Awards 20201. The importance of this award is to recognize the efforts that health sector leaders are making towards reducing their healthcare carbon footprint and to encourage other health institutions to follow suit.

Climate Change continues to be an existential threat with the Lancet describing climate change as a global health emergency that threatens to reverse 50 years of health gains in the developing world. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan called climate change “one of the greatest challenges of our time.” 

This year, three Health institutions in the Africa region who are also members of the Global Green and Healthy Hospital (GGHH) network were recognized. They include the Mohammed VI University Hospital from Morocco, Western Cape Government Health, and Netcare Limited from South Africa. Their commitments, investments, and innovations are inspiring and guiding the sector around the world, particularly at this very moment when the current COVID-19 pandemic has increased the pressure on the health care sector.

Dr. Laura Angeletti-du Toit, Chief Director of Facilities and Infrastructure Management at Western Cape Government Health said upon receiving the award “We are so proud to be part of this fantastic initiative and network: this is year has been a tough year, but despite that, we are making very good progress on reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities”.

Luqman Yesufu, Coordinator of the GGHH Network in Africa and Environmental Health Campaigner at groundWork2 says: “groundWork and its international partner, Health care Without Harm (HCWH)3 through its GGHH Network responds to climate change as a major health care challenge by identifying and supporting health sector members around the globe in the replication of models that foster low carbon, sustainable health care solutions. These solutions aim to be financially viable and increasingly resilient to extreme weather events while enhancing health care delivery and the quality of care to patients.”

As of April 2020, the GGHH Network has 1,320 members from 68 countries representing the interest of 43, 595 hospitals and health centers that are committed to reducing their ecological footprint and promoting environmental health. In Africa, we currently have 98 members representing the interest of 6032, hospitals, and health centers.



[1] The Health Care Climate Challenge is supported by Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and Practice Greenhealth. It aims to mobilize healthcare institutions around the world to protect public health from climate change. Visit

[2] groundWork is an environmental justice organization working with community people from around South Africa, and increasingly Southern Africa, on environmental justice and human rights issues focusing on Coal, Climate and Energy Justice, Waste, and Environmental Health. groundWork is the South African member of Health Care Without Harm and Friends of the Earth International. For more information visit

[3] Health Care Without Harm is a collaborative campaign made up of more than 250 organizations that work to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability, and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice. For more information visit

[4] The “Global Green and Healthy Hospitals is a network of hospitals, health systems, and health organizations working towards reducing their environmental footprint and promoting public environmental health both locally and globally. Visit



Luqman Yesufu
Africa Coordinator, GGHH Network and Environmental Health Campaigner, groundWork
Tel (w): +27 (0) 33 342 5662
Tel (m): +27 (0) 62 209 0990