Three activists to make their third appearance in Court

The struggle of the Newcastle female activists who were arrested and shot at by the police during a protest against Ikwezi mine continues

Accused Dannhauser Activists

Buhle Kunene, Sindi Kubheka, and Zanele Kubheka outside the Dannhauser magistrate court

10 May 2021- The struggle continues for the three activists who were arrested and shot at by the police on the 12th March 2021 for fighting for their right against the Ikwezi coal mine in Dannhauser – Newcastle. Buhle Kunene, Sindi Kubheka, and Zanele Kubheka will make their third appearance at the Dannhauser Magistrate Court for the charges of public violence. The three were part of a community protest against Ikwezi Coal Mine where police fired rubber bullets at the peaceful protesters.

The activists last appeared in the same Magistrate Court on 12th April 2021 only for the case to be to postponed. The court is expected to make a decision on whether or not to transfer the case to the Regional court. Something positive to draw out of the situation is that the prosecutor decided to drop the second charges of contravening the court interdict against the three.

The three were part of the eight activists that were arrested on the 12th of March 2021. They first appeared in court on the 15th March 2021, where the prosecutor requested for postponement of the case so that she could assess the video footage and see if they were not part of the people who threw stones at the police. The activists expected the video footage to have been viewed and for the decision on whether or not to prosecute them to have also been made, only to find that the prosecutor has not looked at the video footage. We all know that Justice delayed is justice denied.  We hope for a better work from the prosecution this time around.

Date: Monday, 10 May 2021
Time: 09:00 am
Place: Dannhauser Magistrate Court, 06 Church Street, Dannhauser, 3080

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