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World Medical Association calls for phasing out of Mercury

The World Medical Association has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the phase-out of mercury use in the health care sector. Delegates said hospitals and medical facilities should switch to non-mercury alternatives.

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Mercury Ban in Philippines

17 June 2008 - The Philippines Department of Health (DoH) said yesterday it is set to release an administrative order (AO), imposing a total ban on the use of mercury-based sphygmomanometer, a device used to check one's blood pressure, and thermometer, a device used to check one's temperature.

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Dead workers, stinking pollution and forced evictions: New report highlights ArcelorMittal’s global trail of destruction

13 May 2008 - Vanderbijlpark, South Africa and Luxembourg - A newly-formed coalition of environmental and community groups [1] - Global Action on ArcelorMittal - today released a report showing how local residents and workers around the world pay the price of ArcelorMittal’s success.

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Ban the Burn! Government Ignoring Advice

02 March 2008 - If South Africa goes ahead with plans to burn waste, as proposed by the Waste Management Bill, it will cost us R140-billion over the next 25 years. This is according to the Danish and Norwegian technical consultants hired by the Department of Environment and Tourism (DEAT). This equates to the entire South African health budget, at current estimates, for more than 12 years.

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groundWork asks for public protection against the DEAT

27 February 2008 - groundWork has approached the Public Protector to intervene in DEAT’s push for incineration. For many years, groundWork has been calling on government to have a clear policy about the incineration of waste, especially hazardous waste. groundWork is opposed to incineration as the burning of waste emits toxins, including two of the most dangerous known to man, dioxin and furan, and heavy metals into the air. These emissions have been scientifically proven to cause disease within both people and animals. In addition, once something has been burned up it is lost forever, and this is wasteful of resources.

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