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This section of the website records our memory of, and gratitude towards, those heroes who have perished in the struggle for environmental justice – Mam’Fikile Ntshangase, Bazooka Radeba and Berta Caceres, Ken Saro Wiwa amongst others – and aims to establish a permanent record of their contribution to the struggle.

Global Witness, an organisation which monitors Human Rights, Land and Environmental defenders globally, gives us the sad hard evidence that our heroes are not alone. In July they released their Annual Report, which stated that in 2019, 212 people were murdered globally for peacefully defending their homes and standing up to the destruction of nature.

This is four people every week.

Bazooka Radebe and elders
Sikhosiphi “Bazooka” Rhadebe.
Photo: Fred Kockott, Daily Maverick