Activists Protest Dirty Seriti Coal in Sasolburg

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Date: 29 September 2022

To Seriti Management and Shareholders

We, the people of Sasolburg, and other affected communities in the Vaal Airshed Priority Area, call on shareholders and management of Seriti Mining to respect human rights, women’s rights, labour rights, youth and children’s rights including environmental rights

Sasol was built by our fathers, mothers and brothers under apartheid regime and where paid slave wages, this has led to us community members, living in poverty, squalor conditions, and in unemployment and an unhealthy environment.
We therefore, demand that:
1.    Seriti Mining complies with all environmental and other rights mentioned above where it operates; where there are weak legal frameworks Sasol must adopt best available human rights and environmental standards.

2.    Seriti Mining complies with Air Quality Minimum Standard and environmental laws entrenched in the Section 24 of South Africa’s constitution, and environmental laws agreed on internationally, as a matter of agency to protect the health and wellbeing of people.

3.    Seriti Mining respects the affected communities by ensuring that they meaningful participation in the decision – making of what would affect their lives as a result of mining.

4.    Seriti Mining consider no future of coal – decarbonise for real people’s development will not be affected.

5.    We, therefore, demand that Seriti Mining revisit the Mining Charter III (Mine Community Development) and be just to the affected mining communities.

6.    Seriti Mining reduces Green House Gas emission as stipulated   – by phasing out coal so that pollution does not continue affecting people.

7.    Seriti Mining stops supplying Eskom Power Station with coal so that they both get into lives – saving Holy Alliance.

8.    Seriti Mining cleans up their waste so that the coming generation would not have to suffer the consequences of their negligence.

In conclusion, we believe that there is good in you and humanity in you, so shame the devil and Mammon by respecting the environment so that the lives of the people are saved.

Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance