Celebrating 24 Years of groundWork

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24 Years of groundWork

Since our inception in 1999, we have stood firm and resolute against environmental injustices – from the fenceline of struggles to global platforms. Whether these injustices were driven by governments or multinational corporations, our resistance has remained and will remain unflinching in the struggle for an inclusive, free, fair and just society.

We have worked in partnership with and supported communities within the borders of South Africa and beyond. We have enjoyed victories. But we have also faced challenges that seemed impossible to overcome. Yet we confronted these relentlessly, with the support of our fellow comrades and partner organisations in the environmental justice movement.

We continue to mobilise with communities, cultivating resilience to climate impacts, building social power through mutual solidarity and alliances with workers and the wider justice movement. We continue to resist dirty energy and toxic production and mobilise the community agenda for open democracy and a just transition, to an egalitarian and regenerative economy.

A Luta Continua

24 years on, we reaffirm our pledge and re-commit to our vision of:

People are living well with each other and with the earth.